Client Testimonies
Stew Redwine

We started our home buying conversation with Michelle a couple years in advance of our recent purchase. She stayed in touch, was consistently helpful (even though she knew we were talking to other realtors), until her expertise, tremendous reputation, and glowing endorsements from satisfied customers won us over to work solely with her. And we are so glad we did! Michelle customized her approach and recommendations to us with a level of personalized service that belongs in 5 Star Hotels. She was patient with us as we changed our budget, needs, and even wants early on in our search - keeping our spirits up and focused on the goal when some properties we thought were our "dream home" just didn't work out. And when we got really excited about a couple of properties she was responsive and moved fast - even when she was out of town at a wedding! 

In the end, we found our dream home, and it was all thanks to Michelle Judd.

If you want to find the home of your dreams AND get the best realty experience of your life - work with Michelle Judd. She is a powerhouse of positivity and performance.

Buyers and Sellers beware, Judd-ment Day is coming.
Theresa Krueger

I contacted Michelle very early in our home buying process. At the time, we were not even able to actively start looking, but I knew we would be within 6 months to a year. Michelle was very gracious and talked with me about the process. She was so nice right from the start and did not care that we were not even ready to buy at that time. She immediately started sending me listings just so we could get an idea of what was out there and within our price range. When we were finally ready to start looking at properties, she was readily available to answer our questions and set up appointments for us. She was very honest about everything and I truly valued her opinions about everything. After we looked at our first property, we went outside and she said, "Let's go. This isn't it." I asked how she knew and she said she could tell by our actions and facial expressions that we didn't love it. She was absolutely right! I appreciate the fact that she was willing to show us however many properties it took until we found the right one. Michelle was never pushy or impatient (even on the days that I would text her over and over again asking her to explain things just one more time!) I felt very comfortable knowing that I could reach out to her at any time and she would be there to assist us. She was also very caring towards my kids who proved to be very trying at times! They loved seeing her for appointments as much as I did! When we finally started the escrow process on our home, there were a few hurdles we had to overcome, but as was expected, Michelle was fantastic! She fought for us and did everything she could to make things happen in a timely manner. She never got tired of hearing from us and answered all of our questions, even if we had already asked 10 times before! I would strongly recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. I know we will definitely want her assistance again in the future if and when we ever decide to move!
Terrance Meyer

Michelle was an outstanding consultant to us the whole way through.  We sold a house in Burbank and bought a house in Valencia.  

On the sale in Burbank Michelle did a wonderful job with the photography and marketing of our home.  She also did a lot of research relating to comps in the area so we could best price our home.  We ended up with 6 immediate offers all over asking price with great terms.  Michelle was there to answer all of our questions and develop a strategy for the sale.  The sale closed very smoothly and we were 5 star happy.

On the purchase in Valencia we bought new construction.  This was a long journey as we purchased the property when it was a dirt lot.  Michelle tirelessly helped us negotiate withe the builder, design center and mortgage broker.  Her expertise extends well beyond the transaction and she has an incredible eye for design, furniture, vision for the home, colors, location, etc.  

Prior to us buying this home, Michelle researched and showed us dozens of properties in Santa Clarita.   She patiently scheduled appointments for us to personally view dozens of properties.  

One of the standout attributes of Michelle is that she is not pushy nor self centered in the process.  There were several times where we were frustrated with the builder and her position was "if it is not perfect, then let's not purchase it".  I felt Michelle had our best interest in mind rather than hers.  She was on "our side" the entire time.  

Michelle's sincerity, knowledge and professionalism were very appreciated.  We would use her again and refer her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Luis Vargas

I strongly believe that finding a good realtor is as important as having a good mechanic or a good dentist. You really want to find someone who you can trust, that will be honest with you and genuinely look out for your best interested. 

Michelle was recommended to my wife and I by a mutual friend who we trusted. My wife and I had finally decided to take the plunge and buy our first home and being that neither of us really had any experience in the matter we were both a little nervous. Michelle truly made the entire process easy and pleasant. She was always available to answer any question and believe me I had questions. She always explained any document that needed to be signed and made sure that we had a good understanding of what we were reading and of what was being presented to us. She was never pushy nor did she ever push a listing onto us, she listened to our concerns and our wants and needs and did a great job of finding listings within our budget and time frame. She was forth coming with any information about any listing and gave her honest opinion about a listing when we asked. Michelle was with us every step of the way and really did become our friend through out the process which made it a lot easier to trust her and trust that she was looking out for our future and our investment and not for her own pocket. We never really experienced any stress through out our home buying experience and we truly do feel that it was due to Michelle's hard work and willingness to put us at ease when something didn't make sense. She was extremely professional and respected our schedules since my wife and work on opposites times of the day. If you are in the market to buy or sell a home then we strongly recommend Michelle and promise that you will not regret it.

Thank you Michelle for helping us realize our dream of being homeowners!!!!!!

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